Nonviolent Communication = Non-violent communication = Empathic communication = NVC

The creator was an American psychologist, a world-famous peace activist Marshall B. Rosenberg (1934-2015), the founder of CNVC, an international organization dealing with restoring peace and mediation.

I have an intention …

To take care of contact

To practice self-acceptance

To take people with curiosity

To take responsibility for my feelings and actions

To take care of the equivalence of all needs

To use force only for protection purposes

ESSENCE = awareness of the interdependence of people

The key is to answer the questions:
How do I say? How do I think? How do I communicate?
Am I aware of my power? How do I decide to use it?

From now on I assume that…

People have the same needs

Feelings guide our awareness to our needs

There are resources to meet the basic needs of everybody

People enjoy sharing and contribution

People have free will and choice

*the note was made after my meeting with Kirsten Kristensen (Jared Finkelstein was made it first)